Amxdam Omafiets – a real dutch bike at half the price

Amxdam omafiets in front of Flying Pigeon LA

Hey, check this bike out: it’s the omafiets from Amxdam bikes in Amsterdam.

Omafiets is Dutch for “granny bike”. When we started selling single speed dutch bikes back in 2009, they sold for $800 to $900.

There was hardly a day that went by when we didn’t get an email, phone call, or online comment that went like this, “Gee, I love your dutch bikes but they sure are expensive!”

Fast forward to today when you can buy a knock-off dutch-style -esque bike for $650 (or more) and a real dutch bike like the Amxdam above is for sale at our shop for $420.

Yes, you read that right, this 48cm made-in-Amsterdam, 2-speed, beauty costs less than a Linus Dutchi. It costs less than a Public C3 or a C7 for that matter. This costs less than nearly every knock-off dutch bike on the market – and it is the real deal!

Stop being so squeamish. Come down to the shop and take one for a test ride already – and yes, we do have bikes that ride the same and cost less than this!

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