Getting It Right

I complain a lot about LA agencies getting things wrong in the transit and cycling worlds, but it’s good to remember that they get things right sometimes too. I’ve written up a few of these now and then, and looking through soem photos from early summer I realized there was one I’d missed.

I June my wife Gina and I took and Amtrak & Bromptons trip to Denver and San Francisco. (I used the trip to review the Bromptons—one of which came from Flying Pigeon LA!— and you can read about it here.) While in Denver we used their light rail system, which is generally very fine…but it has its faults. one of which was so egregious that I had Gina snap the iPhone photo below:

Four steps to get on the train! Hard enough for a 6’1″ guy like me, carrying a teeny folder. Imagine doing it with a full-sized bike. Or with a wheelchair!

There’s apparently a lift somewhere in the middle of the station or of the train, though I never saw it. A transit employee I waylaid told me about it.

Not very friendly.

Our own Metro does it much better, with level boarding on each and every train and each and every station. Just roll your bike on or off, and if you’re using a wheelchair, or a cane or walker, or pushing a baby carriage or a dolly…no problem!

Plus each and every railcar now has a cleared space for bicycles and the like. And you can take bikes on board at all stations whether it’s rush hour or not.

Not even San Franciscans have it so good.

So thank you for that, Metro! I’ll get back to my usual complaining soon enough, but I just wanted you to know that we really do notice when you get it right.

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