Happy Days

I know, last week I ragged on South Pasadena’s lack of bike parking, which I found especially egregious in light of the considerable bike traffic the city sees.

But the good thing is, that the city sees considerable bike traffic!

True, once you get there you have to lock your ride to the paint-scratching square-tubed signposts in most places—the racks at the Gold Line stop excepted.

SoPas is such a nice place to go to, and bikes are such a nice way to get there, that folks are riding there even though the city has not yet done much to make it easier besides striping a number of bike lanes. (But, mostly well-done bike lanes at that.)

So this week I’ll give you a little photographic celebration of South Pasadena cycling, just to honor one of the more charming corners of NELA—one that’s only a short bike ride or Gold Line roll from Flying Pigeon LA!

Kaldi Coffee, by the Library park

Classic cruiser at Buster’s Coffee

Two worlds meet at Buster’s

Waiting for a Gold Line train to pass

Bike corral at the Gold Line station (one of two!)

Shopping trike on porch in a quiet neighborhood

Red dress and roadster at Buster’s coffee

I’m usually at Buster’s on Tuesdays at eleven to hang with buddy Chuck, aka “Vélo Rétro.” Drop by and chat a whlie if you’re in the area!

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