Looking for a #bikela friendly mayor?

Trash cans in bike lane, always! #notcool #bikela @lamayorsoffice @ericgarcetti
Trash cans in the bike lane! Agh! Not again. Who will help us make LA bike friendly?

Looking for a bike-friendly mayoral candidate? We are too!

Mayor Antonio “Deep V” Villaraigosa is terming out of office – and that could spell the end for CicLAvia, an end to the aggressive bike lane plan implementation from the LADOT, and any hope of funding pro-bicycle and pro-pedestrian improvements instead of the same-old-same-old road paving and signal timing projects.

What would a bike friendly mayoral candidate stand for?

Bobbin Birdie from Flying Pigeon LA bike date

We went a little crazy on Twitter recently and generated a bunch of ideas. Read on for some things to ask the candidates as you  attend public debates, interact with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or in person at campaign events:

Riding bikes together on an Oxy tour of the LA River with Joe Linton
#bikela friendly mayor would: work with local universities to convert as much traffic to bike and ped. trips as possible.

Harv checks a bike.
#bikela friendly mayor would: publicly fund local bike repair cooperatives like @bicyclekitchen @bikeoven @bikerowave & Bici Libre

#bikela friendly mayor would: use position on @metrolosangeles board to change car-centric Countywide Plan. & Dev. Dept.

Colorful, but cheap, tires being delivered in a Workcycles Bakfiets
#bikela friendly mayor would: use economic development funds to underwrite cargo bike business loans.

Die In 3, R.I.P. Jesus Castillo
#bikela friendly mayor would: listen to @wolfpackhustle and@laweekly and make our streets safer… https://fb.me/2x95Fcabz

Livable Streets
#bikela friendly mayor would: use bike projects to help us make more friends and feel safer @Streetfilms… https://fb.me/1uHqZDxmw

#bikela friendly mayor would: track city revenues with every new bike or transpo. project… https://fb.me/ASzQPvwc

#bikela friendly mayor would: institutionalize @lacbc bike counts instead of wasting $ on “budget outreach”…. https://fb.me/1BZ19mCIx

#bikela friendly mayor would: commit to goal of zero ped. and bike deaths citywide, design roads accordingly.

Girls take the lead
#bikela friendly mayor would: find funds for @bikeleague training in schools.

#bikela friendly mayor would: get a pedicab licensing program rolling again.

New Flying Pigeon and Antigua Coffee House
#bikela friendly mayor would: open new bike parking corrals to boost local business.

#bikela friendly mayor would: create Copenhagen-style cycle tracks all over city.

Our friends at the Wolfpack Hustle had these suggestions:

commit to halting speed increases, create hit&run task force, commit to 6′ bike lanes, double LADOT implementation.

The LA County Bike Coalition drafted a candidate survey that is worth a look.

Who is running for mayor of LA in March of 2013 and what are their Twitter handles?

Eric Garcetti @ericgarcetti

Wendy Greuel @Wendy_Greuel

Jan Perry –  @janperry

Kevin James @james4mayor

Emmanuel Pleitz @PleitzforLA

You can follow what these folks are saying using our #lamayor2013 hastag or the list we created.

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