Meeting Tonight: Figueroa and Colorado Bike Lanes

Just a reminder about an important meeting tonight regarding the Figueroa and Colorado bike lane projects in NE Los Angeles. This meeting is sponsored by the area’s council member, and the NIMBY’s will be out in force with unfounded assertions about the negative effects they anticipate. We need to be there to point out that the lanes enjoy wide support, and that they will be beneficial to all residents, road users, and retailers, contrary to what “gut feelings” may spur the fearful to believe.

Council District 14 meeting on Figueroa & Colorado Bike Lanes
Norris Hall of Chemistry, Mosher #1
Occidental College
1600 Campus Road, Los Angeles, CA 90041
Wednesday, March 27th, 7:00PM
Number 4 on this map
RSVP to Nate Hayward required:

Read more here:

Money: the Other Green in Cycling

And don’t forget that Colorado does not need to be a speedway; a gigantic freeway runs half a block away. And Figueroa is paralleled not only by a freeway, but by a major light rail line. These rights of way should be turned back into the community streets that they were always meant to be.

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