There it is … take it! York Blvd. to cross into South Pasadena by March 31.

When the water from the Los Angeles Aqueduct was piped into town William Mullholland is reported to have said, “There is it … take it!” to the assembled crowd.

Well, the LADOT bikeways division, Councilman Jose Huizar, and the Bureau of Streets Services are giving us bike lanes … and we’re going to take them!

I heard it in person tonight at the Highland Park Neighborhood Council Meeting at the Senior Center on the corner of York and N. Figueroa St.: Tim Fremaux from the LADOT gave a rundown of what is planned. Some parking in front of Rite Aid and the 99 Cent store is going to go (they have huge parking lots already), car lanes across the bridge will be a single lane and then widen to two. The whole thing is being timed with the Bureau of Street Services replacement of asphalt on this stretch of road. The work will commence on March 27. Two days for asphalt demolition, two days for everything else (we’ll see – I’ve heard so many deadlines for installation come and go when it comes to bike lanes).

The great part about this is that South Pasadena, which lies just across the York Blvd. bridge, installed bike lanes a short time ago. There are a lot of people who live, work, and shop across this bridge and are forced to travel via a car due to lack of comfortable options. There are also a heck of a lot of Sunday bike riders on either side of the bridge who will be able to safely adventure, and spend, into neighboring communities. Culturally, this will allow for a deeper and more meaningful mixing of the classes and ethnic groups that comprise Highland Park, Garvanza, and South Pasadena.

There are also plans to install a flashing crosswalk along York at a treacherous intersection for pedestrians – but those will take some time as the work order for that is still in the works in city hall.

As of this writing, I was unable to get an official comment from anyone in South Pasadena’s City Manager’s office or political leadership. Maybe a more mainstream reporter can find out what South Pasadena thinks – I am fascinated to hear their reaction as I am sure this whole thing will come as a surprise to them. LA has a tough time letting its neighbors know anything about what it is doing.

So, the Wolfpack Hustle might be shut down thanks to Mike Feuer, the North Figueroa bike lanes stalled because of dithering by Gil Cedillo, MyFigueroa cycle tracks killed by Curren Price, and momentum for walking and cycling drowning in the apathy of council president Herb Wesson BUT in the land of true leadership on walking and bicycling access to communities in dire need of transportation options and active means of getting about town Jose Huizar’s 14th council district shines like a beacon, like a another city entirely. Yes, there is a future; and, yes, bike lanes are a part of it.

Still, I wish they were cycletracks.

p.s. Is it legal for me to buy the LADOT Bikeways Division beer?

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  1. bella
    Posted March 7, 2014 at 12:58 pm | Permalink

    This is great news! Recently my gf and I were riding that bridge and harassed by a motorist. They tailed my gf and pretended to swerve into me at a high speed. I’m so glad to see a bike lane on that bridge. Hopefully it will prevent harassment by motorists thinking bikers are taking up their lane and promote more riders in NELA!

  2. Posted March 7, 2014 at 4:14 pm | Permalink

    This is huge news. The York Ave bridge in its current constellation is really uncomfortable to ride or even walk on, with high speed traffic and narrow travel lanes. When I used to commute from Pasadena to LA this always felt like one of the most dangerous stretches of roadway I had to traverse, especially after the nice, wide 6′ bike lanes on Pasadena Ave.

    The City of South Pasadena considered extending the Pasadena Ave Bike Lanes along Monterey Rd to Fair Oaks last year, where it would meet up with a proposed bike lane on Fair Oaks to Huntington Dr (and then lanes on Huntington to the San Marino and Alhambra borders). However, the Monterey Rd overhaul project is still up in the air. When it comes back to Council for final review and approval (potentially in the coming months) a strong showing in support of a calmer, safer 3 lane street may have a chance close another gap in our growing network of bike infrastructure!

  3. Marino
    Posted March 10, 2014 at 9:34 am | Permalink

    Interesting architectural detail about this photo. The little square pieces of glass on top of the storefronts. Same type of glass that Gill Cedillo removed from his offices in Highland Park before moving in.

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