Flying Pigeon LA inventory on September 19, 2014

This video features a couple of new (for us) cargo bikes in the shop.

We obtained a demonstration CETMA Cargo bike, made in Marina Del Rey on the Westside, and it is an excellent and, dare I say, fast cargo hauling solution.

Of course, a couple of bikes from Linus and Pashley.

Worksman’s made in Queens, New York Low Gravity Bike (the LGG model) with a 150 lbs. carrying capacity is a metro-ready kid and cargo carrying beast (they fit on the trains in LA really well, too heavy for buses!).

We also have a Babboe Curve – a deluxe family carrying bike along with a rain tent.

There is a Pedersen bicycle made for someone under 5’4″. Brompton demonstration bikes to test ride and help configure a sweet folding bike (ETA for custom bikes is 6 to 8 weeks at the time of this writing).

Some other odds and ends in the video and a peek at a special Soma Lisa childrens touring bike I am building up for someone near and dear.

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