What is in your bicycle tool bag?

I was fixing a bike at home and thought somebody out there would be interested in seeing what I carry in my bicycle repair tool bag. At the Flying Pigeon LA shop I have a full assortment of tools but out on the road I have found my own idiosyncratic collection of stuff to carry along just in case of a mechanical breakdown.

Any questions? info@flyingpigeon-la.com

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  1. Harv
    Posted November 23, 2014 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    I carry most of what you do, plus:
    Denim material for tyre booting
    Chain links, both 3/32 and 1/8
    14mm and 15mm socket wrench for crank bolts
    15mm open end for pedals and axles, longer than your pnut butter wrench
    dog bone wrench
    key for slow-release skewer
    screw-on emergency cable barrel end
    new tube
    first aid kit, alcohol wipes, aspirin
    spare AA battery
    spare 18650 battery
    extra headlight
    extra tail light
    bungee cord
    moist towelettes

  2. Josef
    Posted November 23, 2014 at 3:02 pm | Permalink

    I also carry a Y-socket tool, and instead of a bargain basement 4″ adjustable wrench, I’ve got a channel-lock 6″. It probably weighs about the same amount, since the channel-lock is thinner, being made of sterner stuff, and it’s a lot less frustrating!

  3. carnitas4mybelly
    Posted November 23, 2014 at 8:28 pm | Permalink

    25mm 700c Tube
    Patch Kit
    Topek Pocket Rocket(eh, light and small but takes forever. Need to invest in C02/pump combo0
    Park tool levers
    Kong 6 bit tool(eh, again, need to invest in better multi tool)
    Front/Back spare Chinese rubber strap lights.(incredibly cheap but are terrible)

    Everything except the hand pump is tied together with a women’s hair tie in a ziploc bag. Easy to transition between bags.

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