Help name our bike ride dance party ride, please?

After 9 years of hosting the Spoke(n) Art Ride and about as many years doing the Brewery Ride and Dim Sum Ride, we’re looking for some new bike ride ideas that will get us excited and will reach out to different groups of people in LA. The ride video above is our first attempt at something different from our shop rides of the past.

We’re still working on a good ride name, but my friend Eric Einem and I conspired to do a dance ride and pulled it off a few weeks ago. Thanks to Mikey Wally for the music in this video. Arturo Palacios of LA River Bike Tours, brought his awesome sound bike to help with the tunes. The next ride is tentatively scheduled for September of 2015. This first run was called “Nobody Can Hear You Scream in Space Ride” or NCHYSIS Ride. It was about 12 or 14 people, we were evenly split gender-wise and I think we had a weird and fun time dancing in public places both amongst people and by ourselves.

If you can think of a good ride name, go ahead and leave it in the comments below.

If you want to dance but don’t want to deal with club weirdness, love to ride bikes with people in the evening but don’t want to deal with drinking and weed-smoking focused rides, and simply want to get down and connect with other people who love to dance like animals amongst the splendor and the magic of this insane metropolis, consider joining us on our next ride/dance party.

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