Push Comes to Shove

Are you ready? Because LA needs you. Josef Bray-Ali’s campaign to replace NELA’s obstructionist council member, Gil Cedillo, is officially on, and we need volunteers.

While the website isn’t done yet (it will be soon), elections have been won and lost for centuries without the Internet. Josef will start walking door-to-door soon, talking to the good folks who make up CD1’s neighborhoods.These neighborhoods are varied in character and demographics, and we need people who are comfortable talking with anyone, poor and rich, old and young, radical, reactionary, or middle-of-the-road. Josef is often thought of as “the bike lane guy,” but that is only a tiny part of his portfolio: there’s so much more to make people aware of. A brief sample:

    He promotes safe streets for all, including drivers
    He stands for transportation diversity that doesn’t trap everyone into driving everywhere all the time
    He stands for intelligent development that increases housing stock without obliterating the character of our neighborhoods
    He stands for strong local businesses providing good jobs and keeping their profits in the community
    He stands for real but compassionate solutions to homelessness
    He stands for investment in community through better parks and schools
    He stands for you

And he needs your help. CD1 includes well-off hill districts, ramshackle flatlands, apartment blocks, light industrial areas, and the hustle and bustle of part of downtown. Residents are every color of the human rainbow, every income level, every gender preference, every shade of political opinion. They speak a plethora of languages, including not just Spanish and English but Tagalog, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, and more, and the district encompasses parts of Chinatown, Historic Filipinotown, Echo Park, Downtown, MacArthur Park, Cypress Park, and of course Highland Park. And all of these people in all of these places will be receptive to Josef’s message of “Safe Streets, Strong Neighborhoods.” If they hear it.

So if you can get this message across in any of the languages mentioned above…we need you. Contact the campaign at joe4cd1.com/contact/.

We are also accepting donations now, though the website donation page is not quite ready. However, you can simply mail a check to:

Bray-Ali for City Council 2017
3346 N. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90065.

You MUST include your name, address, and employer, or we’ll have to send the check back uncashed.

Electing Josef could change the balance of power in the council away from NIMBYism and towards the future. Here’s your chance to be in charge of LA’s evolution!

Get in touch.

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