Burning Man Bike Sale July 9 to August 27, 2016

Playa bikes! The best way to get around. Image by Flickr user JahFae.

Playa bikes! The best way to get around. Image by Flickr user JahFae.

Looking for a Burning Man bike before you make the long drive out to the playa?

Look no further than Flying Pigeon LA – where we are selling a fleet of single speed beach cruisers for $150 apiece. Unlike big box retailer bikes, we assemble ours with care, and the bikes themselves have a better set of components than most crummy big box bikes.

What is available at the moment:

These bikes are single speed, comfortable, and cheap enough that you “won’t care if it gets traded away for a massage or left behind”. If you do bring yours back, it is worth it to have a playa bike kicking it in the backyard for when friends come over and you all want to roll out together. A little vinegar/water rinse down after you get back and it should hold up reasonably well.


Ain’t that a beautiful thing? A beach cruiser with a Wald 137 basket.

Add a Wald 137 steel basket ($20) w. free installation.

MonkeyLectric Wheel Lights are amazing.

MonkeyLectric Wheel Lights are amazing.

Add MonkeyLectric Lights to one wheel ($25) or both wheels ($50) w. free installation.

Add a bike lock (we’ve got lots to choose from starting at $20 for cheap cable locks).

Any questions? First come, first serve, while supplies last (we have 9 bikes, 10 lights, 20 baskets, and lotsa locks).  info@flyingpigeon-la.com

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