Take Over Your Neighborhood

It’s time to take over your neighborhood…by electing someone who actually gives a damn about the communities of Council District 1. If you live in Pico-Union, Westlake, Historic Filipinotown, Echo Park, Downtown, Chinatown, Elysian Heights, Mt. Washington, Montecito Heights, Lincoln Park, or Silverlake, chances are pretty good that you are in CD1. And chances are even better that you’re feeling some of the malign neglect that the District’s current council member, Gil Cedillo, lavishes on your home. Under Cedillo, safe streets are still a dream obscured by blood, and streets-as-speedways also ensure that traffic zooms right past local businesses on its way to a mall somewhere else. Meanwhile, creeping gentrification has vulture capitalists slouching over shabby alleys waiting for the community to die away, so they can buy off the landlords and pack the back streets with yuppie playpens.

Who you gonna call?

Josef Bray-Ali, that’s who. Former community developer, current activist, small-business owner, a longtime local resident experienced in municipal politics and with a development-without-displacement philosophy, he believes in his neighbors, and has fought for a healthy, safe, and prosperous CD1 for years on end.

And he’s making it easy for you to help: the new website is up, so you can find out about Joe’s past, learn his plans for our common future, and join in the present-day work of making it happen.

The campaign needs volunteers, so who’s Joe gonna call? That’s right: you!

Walk a precinct, hold down a phone bank, make presentations to your neighbors, donate money, and get your friends to pitch in too.

Do you speak Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarain, Cantonese, Korean? Help Joe get the word out.

Are you young and feeling left out of the city’s prosperity in LA’s poorest district? Joe’s young enough to remember how that feels, and has never stopped empowering youth wih his cooperative programs. Help him take it to the next level!

Are you retired, with time on your hands and worries about the future weighing heavy on your heart? Design your own future with Joe!

The City Council is the real political power in LA. Help elect Joe, and you’ll have one of your own in charge.

Here’s the link; the rest is up to you:


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