Tune-Up Time

Maybe you ride to work. Maybe you ride on weekends. Maybe you ride to the bar, or the store, or the coffeehouse, the library, the club. Maybe you ride to All of the Above. You put on the miles, and your bike keeps rolling faithfully over LA’s Thirdworld asphalt, taking care of you while you take care of business.

But you know: it’s just a machine, no matter how soulful it may feel. It needs maintenance. Tire treads grow thin, cables stretch, brake pads wear, bolts shake loose. Soon enough it’s time for a summer tune-up. Bring it in to the Pigeon, and go home with one of the only bikes brought into perfect harmony by the man who could do the same to Council District 1.

Yes, indeed: while “Roadkill Gil” Cedillo does everything he can to make riding a bike harder in the ‘hood—not ot mention walking, raising a kid, or running a small business—Joe Bray-Ali is not just repairing your ride but preparing to repair your whole neighborhood! The pittance you sling his way for a smooth-running velo will go to the campaign, which he’s financing with small donations from everyday people, plus his own sweat and gelt. And your riding will be so much happier once he’s done his magic on your wheels.

Doesn’t matter what kind of bike you’ve got, Joe can handle it. Internal gearing? No problem! Wheels shot to hell? They’ll be heavenly when he’s done! Neighborhood deadly, dull, and poor? Wait till Joe gets into the Council chambers to shakeup and wake up the city’s administration! No more malign neglect for NELA, Westlake, Chinatown., Downtown, Echo Park, Historic Filipinotown, or the rest of long-suffering CD1.

Roll on in. Summer is hot, the days are long, the events are many, and you’re putting in the miles. It’s time for your mid-summer tune-up.

And if your bike’s already in tip-top shape, maybe a modest donation to the campaign is in order. Go to the freshly-refurbed website and browse around. You’ll see what Joe means to make of the mess Cedillo’s leaving him. You can drop a few bucks to the cause right from here.

Keep it rollin’….

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