Walking the Vote

Do you support Joe for CD1? Do you believe in “Safe Streets, Strong Neighborhoods”? Do you want to see “Development without Displacement,” increasing housing stock for current residents of the district’s varied neighborhoods as well as newcomers? Do you want to see more local businesses thriving and spending their profits right back in the ‘hood, instead of sending them off to heedless shareholders, as chainstores do?

Then Joe is your choice—but he’s fighting an uphill battle. King Cedillo sits on his mountain of gentrifier cash and laughs at the peasants milling below with their pitchforks and torches. But the vote is a mightier weapon than any pitchfork…when people bother to use it.

It’s not enough to complain about the process: you need to control it to make change! And the control lever hinges on the vote.

If you want humanistic progressivism to win, you’ve got to get out and walk. You have to knock on every door in the district, talk to folks who might not like you, might not trust you, might just shut the door in your face. Cedillo barely squeaked into office last time, and that only because of a deal with third-ranked candidate Rosas (who seems now to regret it), but: he still got in. It’s a numbers game. Your job, if you’re serious about the place where you live or work (or live and work, as many do), is to get Joe’s message out to as many regular folks as possible.

Facebook posts won’t do it—your BFFs pressing the “Like” button under a repost of a news story won’t elect anyone. Twitter won’t do it, despite its undeniable facility for spreading mindless outrage and indignation. Blog posts like this one won’t do it, unless they get to you lace up your kicks and start walking with Joe. If you do one thing today to make your neighborhood great again, it will be to click on over to JoeforCD1.com and volunteeer!

We need people to walk Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Chinatown, Echo Park, Pico-Union, Filipinotown, and parts of Downtown. If you’ve got strong legs, linguistic skills, and a genuine smile, as well as patience and kindness, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, sling a few bucks Joe’s way. If you can’t do either of those, at least repost this blurb on social media and hope for the best.

The world around you depends on…you. The election is in March. It’s a numbers game. And Joe is counting on you to help him win it.

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