Post-election Purge and Cleanse: Saturday Special!

Let’s face it: no matter whom you plan to vote for on November 8th (or 28th), you wont’ be pleased with the result, even if they win.

But another election’s coming up in March of 2017, when you’ll have the chance to vote for real change at the neighborhood level. After all, you can’t have missed my endless reiteration of Joe Bray-Ali’s candidacy and the good his winning would bring to local streets, local businesses, and local lives.

But you still need a break from electioneering, and what could better give you that han a friendly local bike ride, sponsored by your friendly local library!

Yes, the Arroyo Seco branch of the Los Angeles Public Library is hosting an Open House on Saturday, November 12th, and a spart of the festivities they’ve organized their own very first “Community Bike Ride,” a three-and-a-half mile tour of Highland Park along quiet side streets relatively unencumbered by car traffic or hills.

Get to know parts of your neighborhood you might have missed while grinding down our raucous boulevards, meet people you never knew were your friends, and learn about the programs and resources the Arroyo Seco branch keeps on hand for your own personal enlightenment.

Meet at 10am on the 12th in the library parking lot behind the classic river-rock building at 6135 N. Figueroa.

Chances are pretty high that Joe will be there himself, with his beautiful wife and daughter, so you can, if you feel up to it, meet the man who could remake LA into a human-scale city if you vote him in next March.

Or just enjoy the ride and a world of new friends….

(And forgive the crappy scan below, which is my fault….)

Library Bike Ride in Highland Park

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