Building the Future, One Slice at a Time

Of course you want Flying Pigeon’s heart and soul, Joe Bray-Ali, to win the District 1 City Council seat this spring. After all. not only is he the “Bike Guy,” but he’s so much more: the “Safe Streets for All” guy, the “Thriving Small Businesses” guy, the “Development without Displacement” guy, the “Parks for People” guy, the “Strong Local Communities” guy, the “Good Schools” guy….

You might wonder how he’s going to do all this; you might have a few questions for him. Is he an easy guy to talk to? Yes, he is, when you can catch him. He’s out knocking on doors a lot these days, but you don’t have to stay home waiting him to turn up on your doorstep. Because he’s inviting you to his door, tomorrow, in fac. And he’ll even feed you pizza!

Check it out: You—yes, you!—are invited to a Pizza & Petition Party at campaign HQ tomorrow,Wednesday, November 30th, right in Cypress Park at 7pm, at 3346 N. Figueroa St.

Be there, and Joe will feed you body and soul…and you’ll get a chance to help him line up the petition signatures he needs to qualify for matching funds from the City—something that’ll really help move his campaign along.

Here’s the announcement page to keep you in the loop:


And if you miss that one, on December 10th, there’s a Joe4cd1 Campaign Party!

Same place, 3346 N. Figueroa St., at 6pm this time, and you can party on till 11pm. Meet Joe, question him, challenge him, dance with him, build a better future with Joe Bray-Ali.

It’s about time we took over now, isn’t it?

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