Eric Garcetti is a Failure

Eric Garcetti has been a terrible mayor for Los Angeles.

Just after inauguration day, in January of 2014, his chauffeured SUV smashed into a 60 year old woman crossing the street at 1st and Spring. A telling sign that we had all made a terrible mistake in selecting a mayor.

Crime, since he took office, has spiked – getting worse by orders of magnitude during this “15-day” (now 100+ day) “flatten the curve” lockdown and the chaotic riots and looting that broke out months ago. His current position is to somehow “defund the police” while using them to smash the lives and meager wealth of decent, wage earning, Angelenos.

Homelessness has increased and spread across the city, increasing every year since he took office.

Housing has remained risky and expensive to build – so rents have increased to swallow 40%+ of the average Angelenos income.

Massive corruption scandals have erupted from city hall; as has a small typhus outbreak to mirror a larger outbreak on Skid Row.

Now, in his Corona Virus lockdown, he has been bullied into encouraging gangs of looters, vandals, anarchists, and communists to destroy public and private property. He has shut down the parks, the pools, the libraries, the playgrounds. Businesses are banned from opening. Rioters and lynch mobs are free to do as they please.

Everyone in his party, from the LA County democratic party board and president, to every sitting member of the state and federal legislature, city council, city commissioner, and mayoral appointee, has blamed the results of their own incompetence, fecklessness, and malice on the president of the United States.

I saw no sign of the work of Donald Trump at the shattered and faeces-smeared public bathrooms at the park by my house – only the handiwork of the horde of drug addicted thieves and prostitutes encamped nearby, a growing demographic created and enabled by perhaps the worst mayor of this city since Frank Shaw.

This was originally posted on the authors profile on Gab (@jbrayali) on August 6, 2020.

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