Tamika Butler is a lair, Dean Yobbi of BRAIN loves it

I found out recently that Bicycle Retailer and Industry News’s Managing Editor, Dean Yobbi, wrote a horrible, false, summary of my life, the Flying Pigeon LA (former) bike shop, and my run for office in order to serve the interests of that incompetent liar Tamika Butler. She is purporting to offer her “consulting services” to the bicycle industry. Her experience in retail, bike repair, customer service, logistics, human decency? Nonexistent. Her ability to lie to build her resume, threaten, and scare sad liberals with career destruction for disagreeing with her? Apparently quite strong. Beware Butler and her enablers.

Tamika Butler is a careerist who mismanaged the LA County Bicycle Coalition – membership declined, donors ran away, political coalitions were broken, and the only replacement for the weak organization and ad hoc collective struggle for a safer city for bike riding was Butlers critical race theory translated to bicycling. Butler is a foreigner to bicycling and Los Angeles. Her participation in this industry is based around her ability to wring contracts for meaningless reports on racism in the industry.

If you are interested in furthering bike riding and helping bicycle retailers she is the wrong person to talk to.

Dean Yobbi thanked me for my “feedback” asking him how he could publish Butlers lies without reaching out to me for comment. Yobbi just joined BRAIN. I hope the organization can find a way to eliminate this type of dishonest bullshit before more peoples lives and reputations are tarnished. The bike business, and life, is hard enough!

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