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Another Great Spoke(n) Art Ride

And a crap ton of people too! ^That sign is for new bicycle corral parking outside of Cafe de Leche. Josef will have to fill in some of the details on that later. And as always, click on the photos to see more, there are 32 in all.

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Flying Pigeon LA Bike Polo

Flying Pigeon LA Bike Shop is one of the coolest bike shops on the planet for a couple a reasons. It’s next to the Bike Oven. They have cargo bike stuff that you can’t get anywhere else in LA. They have a single speed mountain bike team. And they support the NELA Bike Polo Scene! […]

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Monday Bike Photos

People love them, and I’ve got them! I was adding pictures of bicycles to my BICYCLES set on Flickr yesterday and I saw that I’m almost to 1,000 (966 as of Super Bowl Sunday). I’m hoping I push it over using photos from the upcoming Second Saturday Spoke(n) Art Ride. Here are a few of […]

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Cargo Bike World Championships 2005

We sell cargo bikes, we ride cargo bikes, we love cargo race videos! This is some vintage footage, so I hope it’s not a repost. Viewer discretion, there are a few swears in this video.

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January 2011 Downtown LA Art Walk

Josef biked the pedi cab from the shop to Downtown for Art Walk. This is what happens when you peddle a bike pulling a couch with three people on it all night around Downtown Los Angeles! Thanks Josef and the rest of Team Pigeon.

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Coaster Brake Challenge

I almost didn’t make it up to the 2nd race of the January 2011 season of the Coaster Brake Challenge, but thanks to the hard work of Chicken Leather, V, and Charlie we made it about 15 minutes late! But they still raced, and Charlie beat a bunch of people. That’s the Team Pigeon attitude, […]

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January Spoke(n) Art Ride

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My New Year Celebration in San Francisco

For New Year I went up north with 40 or 50 bicycle riders from LA to San Francisco to ride around and celebrate NYE by riding SF Critical Mass. I made the very last train to SF and road in the night to Golden Gate Park and met up with a ride there. We ended […]

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Mikey Wally’s 2010 Retrospective

The new year is a time for reflection. So how was 2010? Personally, it’s hard for me to remember, so let’s look back at some photos. 2010 marked the end of the Rabbit Hole. It was a “west side bike punk house” and say what you will about the hole, it was a significant facet […]

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Warm Wishes from Flying Pigeon LA Bike Shop

Happy Christmahanukwazikah!

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