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Duty Now for the Future

“Duty Now for the Future” was the title of a Devo album from way back in ’79, and of course it was redolent of the cynicism and pure snark that pervaded much of New Wave. But we can look at the phrase a little differently today, now that Bernie Sanders has shown us that the […]

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Misplaced Opportunity

I’ve been taking a bit more transit than usual these days, as a bit of a change of pace from pedaling the Brompton absolutely everywhere. (My changes of pace, by the way, never involve a private motor car, which I drive for or five times a year under marital duress; I’ve put in enough miles […]

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Paved with Good Intentions

The Westside’s Expo Line bike path is, for the most part, beautifully made: smooth, wide asphalt with a “center divider” and sometime a marked walking path alongside it. It’s separated from both cars and the Expo Line itself (no dodging trolleys here, folks) for stretches of a mile or two at a time. Then you […]

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Really, The Earth IS Round….

I have had the misfortune to be elected to the board of my local Neighborhood Council, which is involved in promoting a road diet for the Miracle Mile’s Sixth Street, a one-mile stretch of roadway that saw 135 recorded collisions between 2011 and 2015, including one death, and several more deaths since then. Note that […]


The Politics of Pettiness

Ah, Council District 5’s so-called representative, Paul Koretz, is at it again. As the Daily News reports: Jonathan Weiss published a letter two weeks ago in the Los Angeles Daily News slamming the councilman’s leadership on the Westwood Greenway, a planned 800-foot park in Koretz’s district. The park, first proposed by Weiss in 2009, would […]

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Back to the Future

Last night I sat through a four and a half hour meeting of the Mid-City West Community Council. Sitting for an hour, let alone four, is not my preference, but a few months ago, friends and neighbors urged me to run for the Council’s board, and I finally acceded to their wishes. I indulged in […]


Spreading the Word

You may know Nick Richert as the producer of the “Bike Talk” podcast, featured on both KPFK And Killradio, but, besides being a regular rider and fervent bike advocate, he is dedicated to literacy. Though himself a man of few words (at least when he’s away from the microphone), he knows and respects the strength […]

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News of the World

Just a few snippets to remind you that Los Angeles really needs your help if it’s going to catch up to the rest of the country and rationalize its transportation system. We desperately need to make it healthier, safer, and more supportive of community…as the following cities have been doing. In San Francisco, that rich […]

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Brave New Runaround

Last Sunday i was heading down Venice Boulevard towards Santa Monica when I spotted a teensy little sign indicating that the Expo Line Bike Path ran thataway—diagonally away from Venice along the Expo Line tracks, and pretty much a more direct route to my destination. Or so it seemed. It started off pretty nice—much of […]


Walking the Vote

Do you support Joe for CD1? Do you believe in “Safe Streets, Strong Neighborhoods”? Do you want to see “Development without Displacement,” increasing housing stock for current residents of the district’s varied neighborhoods as well as newcomers? Do you want to see more local businesses thriving and spending their profits right back in the ‘hood, […]

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