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Flying Pigeon LA inventory on July 30, 2011

In this video, I once again wander around the shop pointing the camera at stuff. Some of the stuff in this video includes: our latest shipment of Velorbis bicycles; some of our latest shipment of Pashley Britannia and Poppy bicycles; Philosophy bags; Torker U-District, Graduate, and T300 bikes; and some other stuff.

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July 2011 Spoke(n) Art Ride and photographer David Roy video

Spoke’n Art Ride, The Bike Oven – David Roy Photography from Mick LeGrande on Vimeo. Videographer Mick LeGrande was on hand during the July 2011 Spoke(n) Art Ride that we co-hosted with the good folks at the Bike Oven. In this short video, photographer David Roy talks a bit about the work he is showing […]

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Hancock Park Strikes Back!

Well, an interesting local variant of bikelash is building up in the mansion-shaded lanes of Hancock Park, where a tiny coterie of the terminally unimaginative has found itself to be trembling in fear over the thought that LADOT might put bike and pedestrian crossing signals at 4th and Rossmore and 4th and Highland–two crossing that […]


Cracked LA sidewalks lead to class action lawsuit, settlement

Spend any time walking in LA, and you’ll understand why people don’t like to do it. Yes, the city is a sprawling metropolis – but on a micro-level, block by block basis, it is an universally inhospitable place to walk. Why is that? Prior to 1973, property owners were responsible for the upkeep of the […]


Boylans soda is back!

Back in early 2010 we found a distributor of some of the finest all-natural, cane-sugar sweetened, soda from New Jersey based Boylans Bottle Co. When their supplies of Boylans dried up, we were left with bottled water in our fridge and Jaritos. We love us some Jaritos, but they simply don’t compare to the clean […]

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Flying Pigeon Spoke Cards from Carly Veronica

Brand new Flying Pigeon spoke cards arrived today – and they look very, very, nice. These were made by Carly Veronica – she also did our fabulous business cards. These spoke cards were letter-pressed in Carly’s Highland Park studio with a soy-based ink. Hand cut, measuring 5 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ (141mm x 88mm). $5 […]

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Flying Pigeon inventory on July 21, 2011

In this exciting episode: Philosophy bags, the last Linus bikes until late August, our Public Bikes are back, Torker U District, Graduate, and T300’s in the shop. We have re-configured things a bit to deal with the big increase in repair traffic – and we’re working on some awesome old-school dutch and english bikes at […]



Good things happening in the LA cycling scene last week. First in publicity value, though not necessarily in importance, was Wolfpack Hustle’s race agains Jet Blue last weekend. Jet Blue decided to use the MIA “Carmageddon” that was supposed to result from the day-and-a-half closure of a small stretch of the 405 to get some […]

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Trash Talk – bike lanes blocked while authorities shrug shoulders

Who do you call when trash cans block the bike lanes in LA? After years of digging, LA’s cycling commuity has found the answer: the Bureau of Street Service’s Inspection and Enforcement Division. Their Inspectors are professional peace officers tasked with, among other things, keeping the right of way clear of obstructions. You can contact […]


Fleshing Out the Backbone

There’s been pushback against the new LA Bike Plan lately, and, holy crap, it’s not from the usual NIMBYs, but from fellow cyclists! Vehicular cyclists, to be precise. (See a couple of particularly vitriolic rants in the comments from “Txarli” here.) Some will find it ironic that I am distressed by this–after all, I’ve read […]

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