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Carrying the Torch

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a fair chance that you’re carrying the torch for Bernie. He didn’t get enough votes; he won’t be the nominee; he himself has said he’ll be voting for Clinton in the general. But he came close, so close…and the very fact that he did what he did, that his […]

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Push Comes to Shove

Are you ready? Because LA needs you. Josef Bray-Ali’s campaign to replace NELA’s obstructionist council member, Gil Cedillo, is officially on, and we need volunteers. While the website isn’t done yet (it will be soon), elections have been won and lost for centuries without the Internet. Josef will start walking door-to-door soon, talking to the […]

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Flying Pigeon LA inventory on June 16, 2016

There is a cute dog in this one. Super cute. Watch, then buy stuff! Doggie commands it! Some Bromptons; books from Microcosm; helmets from Nutcase; bikes from XDS, Gazelle, and Linus. Dynamo hubs, locks, and the aforementioned cute dog.

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Reality Is So Mean to Liars!

One of the ever-more-threadbare assertions the NIMBYs drag onto the stage every time there’s a discussion of road diets (especially if they dare to include omigod bike lanes!) is the claim that “They will Impede emergency vehicles! They are unsafe! We’re all gonna die!” Of course, what’s really killing people—and killing far more of them […]


Candidating Game

In all the fuss over the party primaries, it may be easy to forget that there are other elections, more local than even the downticket choices, that may have huge effects on our everyday lives. Who may be president is of obvious importance, as the advances made in economic and social equity, at great cost, […]

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Almost Perfect Is Not Perfect

South Pasadena—just over the York Boulevard bridge from NELA—recently repaved El Centro Street between Pasadena Avenue and Orange Grove. This street had had a Door Zone Bike Lane before the street work, and the little city that hosts it actually gave it a bit of an upgrade when they repainted the freshly-laid blacktop: they added […]

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