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Parking Madness

Sample Photo NOT taken on Black Friday One of the old standbys of the Car Cult zealots is the cry that we can’t put in bike lanes, or wider sidewalks, or Complete streets treatments, if they will remove so much as a single curbside parking spot for cars. Likewise, calls for denser development, especially if […]


We’ll Always Have Paris

The recent attacks by Daesh in Paris were horrifying, but…Paris has seen worse than this. The City of Light was occupied by the Third Reich during World War Two, and survived both the Nazis and the Collaborationists. When I lived all-too-briefly in Paris in 1982, it was undergoing a wave of bombings, shootings, and stabbings […]


Join Fig4All in the 71st NELA Holiday Parade on Sunday, December 6, 2015

The 71st Highland Park Holiday Parade is taking place on Sunday, December 6, 2015 and you, yes you, are invited to join the Figueroa For All crew in their parade entry this year! Join a very special Figueroa For All crew of bicycles, scooters, walkers, strollers, pedicab riders, tall bikes, freak bikes, cargo bikes, heelies, […]

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Common Sense Creeping Up on LA

Looks like they’ve got us surrounded, pardner…them pesky Complete Streets are creeping right up to the border of town! First it was Long Beach, and then Temple City, putting in those outlandish Protected Bike Lanes. But now they’re hitting closer to home: Santa Monica just opened its first protected bikeway—and they’re threatening that it won’t […]

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Flying Pigeon LA inventory on November 5, 2015

Some neat stuff to show off this week: Yuba Bicycles Cro-Moly Mundo and a Boda Boda; baby-sized helmets from Nutcase; Brompton folding bikes. Not sure if we’ve introduced Rosie the shop dog yet, but she’s in this video. Oh yeah, I found a box of clothes in our warehouse and we’re selling it at huge […]

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If you want to be both encouraged and dismayed, here’s a hot-off-the-(virtual)-presses article for you to read: Oslo invests 0,5 Bn USD on bicycle infrastructure That’s right: according to this article posted by Spacescape, the consulting firm hired to guide the process, Oslo will invest half a billion dollars in its bike network by 2025. […]

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