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Aardvark Saddle Covers save your Brooks (and the day) at Flying Pigeon LA bike shop

On Friday, January 30, 2015 at about 3:37 p.m. it started dumping down rain, flash-flood style. My bike, parked out front, had water sloshing over its wheels, pooled on the cargo bin cover. After the rain stopped I rushed outside to capture this supreme moment of glory: a totally dry Brooks Pre-Aged B67! Booyah! The […]

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Conflict Zones

You could be forgiven for thinking that the title up there refers to the political and bureaucratic clashes the Livable Streets community has been suffering with a number of high-handed city council members and their guerrilla gangs of NIMBY’s, but in this case I’m talking about infrastructure: the bike lanes we’ve got, not the ones […]

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#BikeTheVote – the numbers game

Are you interested in living in a City with a connected bike network? Would you like to have a city with streets so safe an eight year old can ride her bike to school unaccompanied? There is only one way we get from where we are now to where we’d like to be: registering people […]


Community, not money, the key in reshaping LA’s alleys

What’s an alley in LA for anyway? Alleys have been a part of human settlement since humans started settling. Alleys are great places to arrange for trash and waste hauling, deliveries, and connecting up to utilities. Since all these intrinsically messy things happen in alleys, we don’t often think of them as places to hang […]


Flying Pigeon LA inventory on January 23, 2015

In this episode I wander around the shop pointing the camera at books we’ve got in the shop from Richard Risemberg, Bikeyface, and a host of books and zines from Microcosm Publishing and Elly Blue. Bike-wise, there are kids bikes from Firmstrong (the Urban Boy in Glossy Red) and the Flip Flop from Yuba Bikes. […]

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They Always Say That….

Dutch die-in , Amsterdam, 1970. Courtesy of Roundabouts. Naturally, Council Member Cedillo’s office claimed that recent street protests had nothing to do with decisions to retract the application for much-unneeded diagonal parking on North Figueroa, and to “consider” a road diet and bike lanes for five blocks of that street. (That’s still a crumb compared […]


Lawless Lincoln Park leaves community wanting

I took a walk through the park on a rainy Sunday and am sad to say it is business as usual at Lincoln Park in East Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a big city with a lot of big city problems. It is financially insolvent. The electorate is apathetic about voting. Sidewalks in the city […]

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Five Blocks of Hope

Where there’s life, there’s hope: after turbulent months of protests, meetings, and mutual recrimination, as well as what seems to be a serious educational effort by LADOT, CD1’s bossman, Gil Cedillo, has dropped his plan for diagonal parking on the street, and agreed, according to an LACBC release, to consider bike lanes, a road diet, […]


Sue LADOT to stop ATSAC book burning

What follows is a justification for suing the City of Los Angeles to free up the real-time traffic data that is generated (and then deleted) by the LADOT’s ATSAC system. Anyone with a stake in development, civil engineering, transportation planning, public policy research, the practice of transportation engineering, environmental justice, transit route planning, planning optimal […]


Get Sum Dim Sum Ride on Sunday, January 18, 2015

Join the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop on our first ride of 2015! Meet on Sunday, January 18, 2015 at the shop (located at 3404 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065) at 11 a.m. The ride departs at 11:30 to a local restaurant for brunch and returns around 2 p.m. The Get Sum Dim […]

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