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Rebel Without a Car – Filming on Two Wheels

Stephen and Enci Box are trying to both make a movie and make a point: though Hollywood has a lot of environmentally conscious people working in it, they don’t make movies in an environmentally conscious way – but that can change!

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Bespoke Blog Covers Pigeon Proprietor

The North American distributor for Batavus bicycles, Fourth Floor Distribution, has started a blog, Bespoke, and I was one of their first interviewees!

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Coaster Brake Challenge, Week Three – Off the Ledge

The dry, dirty, heat of San Fernando Valley summer has compacted this year’s Coaster Brake Challengers into a tight-knit clique of bike survivalists and nut cases. Hangers on and mere thrill seekers have dropped from the last two races: out of gas, out of water, out of their element.

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Flying Pigeon LA Booth at S. Pas. Clean-Air Show

Flying Pigeon LA will have a booth stocked with cargo and transportation bikes (as a well as a repair stand for FREE TUNE-UPS) at the Clean-Air Car Show and Green-Living Expo being put on by the City of South Pasadena this Sunday, July 26, 2009 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Mission St. between […]

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LA Cycle Chic Cage Match: Fryslan vs Toer Populair

Cosmo, aka LA Cycle Chic blogger and fashionista, stopped by the shop a few days ago to test ride a few of our bikes. She wrote a neat little head-to-head about the Batavus Fryslan and the Gazelle Toer Populair: “… I had to compare the Batavus Frysl├ón to the Gazelle Toer Populaire since I am […]


A Closer Look at Gazelle’s Toer Populair T3 Step-Through

We just got a small shipment of Gazelle’s stunning luxury dutch bike, the Toer Populair T3. The Toer Populair is not your average beach cruiser, “comfort bike”, or city bike. Gazelle is not your average bike manufacturer!

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Get Sum Dim Sum Ride for July 2009

We’re heading out on another Get Sum Dim Sum ride this coming July 19, 2009. Join us for this slow paced ride to a local dim sum eatery (and back on Sunday, July 19, 2009). Meet at the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop (located at 3404 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065) at 10 […]

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Frsylan, Breukelen In Stock but Going Fast

Flying Pigeon LA is home to quite a few unique varieties of bicycle in Los Angeles: Flying Pigeon brand roadsters, Batavus Old Dutch and 1-2 Haves, Gazelle Toer Populaires, and now something made in Holland just for the U.S. market!


Forget the Tour, the Coaster Brake Challenge is Here!

The Tour de France has started again, and is already up to either day four or five. Lance Armstrong took 3rd (or was it 4th?) place in the overall rankings on day three. It looks like another blah, blah, blah … Really, who cares? Michael Jackson just died, it is summertime, and this is L.A. […]

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Tip for New Rod Brake Installs

I’m jamming tonight in the Flying Pigeon shop, trying to get a batch of bikes ready for an independant film company shoot, and I figured now is as good a time as any to release a little tip aobut rod brake installation. Out of the box, some sets of rod brakes just don’t seem to […]

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