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Post-election Purge and Cleanse: Saturday Special!

Let’s face it: no matter whom you plan to vote for on November 8th (or 28th), you wont’ be pleased with the result, even if they win. But another election’s coming up in March of 2017, when you’ll have the chance to vote for real change at the neighborhood level. After all, you can’t have […]

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Duty Now for the Future

“Duty Now for the Future” was the title of a Devo album from way back in ’79, and of course it was redolent of the cynicism and pure snark that pervaded much of New Wave. But we can look at the phrase a little differently today, now that Bernie Sanders has shown us that the […]

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Misplaced Opportunity

I’ve been taking a bit more transit than usual these days, as a bit of a change of pace from pedaling the Brompton absolutely everywhere. (My changes of pace, by the way, never involve a private motor car, which I drive for or five times a year under marital duress; I’ve put in enough miles […]

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Paved with Good Intentions

The Westside’s Expo Line bike path is, for the most part, beautifully made: smooth, wide asphalt with a “center divider” and sometime a marked walking path alongside it. It’s separated from both cars and the Expo Line itself (no dodging trolleys here, folks) for stretches of a mile or two at a time. Then you […]

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