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You Got What It Takes?

Do you really think you’ve got what it takes? Yeah, you…you think so? What it takes to keep your bike your bike, I mean. And what you see in the picture my wife snapped at an undisclosed location not long ago…that isn’t it. Well, maybe in Antarctica it is. But not in Los Angeles. Not […]

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Dude, where’s my cargo bike?

Image by Mikael Coleville-Andersen of Copenhagenize. Elly Blue recently published an article on, “Bicycling’s gender gap: It’s the economy, stupid“, about women cycling in lower numbers than men, highlighting that perhaps it is not a fear of the roads or fashion that keeps women off bikes, but instead the high costs of the requisite […]


Brewery Ride on Saturday, July 2, 2011

Join us for a pleasant jaunt down to the local brewery on your bicycle this Saturday, July 2, 2011. Meet at the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop at 3pm. We roll at 3:30pm. Don’t have a bike? It’s cool, we’ve got $10 rental bikes at the shop (call ahead to make sure we have enough […]

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Coaster Brakes are the pinnacle engineering for citizen cyclists

[Looking for an unbiased bit of information about coaster brakes? Check out Lovely Bicycle’s post on coaster brakes.] The above photo is from Amsterdamize’s unbelievable collection of images of Amsterdam’s citizen cyclists. A lot of the bikes we sell come equipped with coaster brakes (you know, the kind that make you pedal backwards to stop […]


Raleigh Grand Prix restoration at Flying Pigeon LA

This old Raleigh Grand Prix came in totally disassembled, with a lot of sentimental value behind it and a set of 27″ wheels with Phil Wood hubs. We slowly rebuilt the bike, replacing and cleaning everything in our path (Leticia did most of the work on this bike). The Phil Wood hubs laced into 27″ […]


Bicycle Handlebar Vuvuzela at Flying Pigeon LA

You know it’s been a good game when DJ Chicken Leather starts pulling rusted handlebars off the wall at the Bike Oven and starts running around blowing them like trumpets every time a soccer team scores a goal. I just got finished watching Team U.S.A. get beat by Mexico 4 to 2 (so sad, boo […]

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Far from the Flock

Gina snapped this with her iPhone yesterday on Wilshire’s Miracle Mile, just a block from LACMA and the Tar Pits. It appears to be none other than one of Pigeon Master Josef’s Flying Pigeon “special Editions”–the one inspired by the Pashley Guv’nor! Far from the home flock, but roosting happily with plenty of velocipedal friends […]

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Flying Pigeon LA inventory on June 23, 2011

In this video: frutas(!); Pashley Britannia bicycles; Gazelle Chamonix Pure; Public C3s and J7s; handsome men’s bicycles from Velorbis, Batavus, and Pashley plus a bunch of big wooden boxes we’re going to display stuff with (once we get the shop sorted out). Oh yeah! Almost forgot the Yepp Maxi and Mini seats we’ve got and […]

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May the Goddess Protect Us….

It’s often been said that women are an “indicator species” for cycling–that is, that if women are riding bikes around the city in pretty good numbers, then it’s a good city for cycling. By that standard, maybe Los Angeles isn’t doing so well. Here, as in most US cities, twice as many men ride bikes […]


Here Come the Bus Lanes….

It’s taken a while, but the Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit lanes are coming to Midtown. These will be rush-hour only lanes that will be reserved for buses from 7AM to 9AM and from 4PM to 7PM every weekday. They will reach from Park View downtown to the border of Beverly Hills, and then again from […]

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