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Flying Pigeon Inventory on January 28, 2011

This is another well-done, professionally edited, big budget video of what we have in stock at the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop. This video was created at about 9pm on January 28, 2011. Some new stuff: a Pashley Guv’nor 20″, a couple of Gazelle Chamonix bicycles (from $1,200 to $1,600), additional stock of Yakkay helmets, […]

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Danish Planning Comes to LA, Bikes and Pastries Already Here

Danish firm Gehl Architects, best known in the U.S. for pedestrian-izing New York’s Times Square, has been retained by Los Angeles’ Community Redevelopment Agency in its $20 million effort to re-make Downtown Los Angeles’ Figueroa Street.

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Cargo Bike World Championships 2005

We sell cargo bikes, we ride cargo bikes, we love cargo race videos! This is some vintage footage, so I hope it’s not a repost. Viewer discretion, there are a few swears in this video.

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Bike-Friendly Businesses

One of the most gratifying developments in LA lately has been the growth in bike-friendly businesses, that is, businesses that make some overt effort to welcome cyclists to their doors. After all, it’s hard to use your bike for practical daily-life travel if you can’t park it by the shops, stores, or service providers you […]


Ultimate Tune-up for Ultimate Destiny

We rent and sell a few bikes each month to commercial production and still photography companies. It is one of those small side businesses that keep our shop going – not enough to be a business unto itself, but a revenue stream nonetheless. Occasionally, we get a request to do something really fun – like […]


Hot dog!

 These Flying Pigeon bicycles were pulled from our storage to be converted into Flying Pigeon Racers and other variations on the Flying Pigeon theme we’ve been working on this past year. They stopped in front of Wienerschnitzel in Highland Park for some really bad hot dogs before completing their journey to the Flying Pigeon […]

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Frogtown Batavus BUB Bike Tour at Frank Romero Studio

We are renting bikes to a group of students touring Frogtown this morning astride our trusty Batavus BUBs. It is a beautiful morning and a good reminder that this is a great job!

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Around the Shop – January 18, 2011

The days sometimes all blur together when you work in a small shop like this. I decided to put my new phone to work capturing some of the things I see on a daily basis, and here are the results.

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Park to Park

Last week I wrote to complain the new LA River bike path extension from Fletcher Dr. to Riverside is missing signs to let you know where you are along the path. Today I write to praise it. Signs are easy to add; a bike path–especially in this day of budget cuts and the relentless pushback […]

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Our Winter Import from South of the Border: Cristobal and Co. Panniers

It is common in supermarkets these days to see all sorts of summer-time fruit in the produce aisles hailing from points south of the United States-Mexico border. With summer fruit in winter time as a backdrop, we ordered some handmade Mexican bicycle pannier bags from Cristobal and Co. – and wow, are they nice! These […]

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