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Flying Pigeon LA inventory on June 27, 2015

More of me wandering around the shop talking about the stuff inside of the shop! Guest appearance: Yancey, the owner of the neighboring cafe. You can check out our Babboe Curve in the very beginning of the video. Questions?

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Intuition Is a Lousy Guide to Policy

We all know that LA’s city Council members are both timid and intellectually lazy. When it comes to the progressive transportation infrastructure the city so desperately needs to free it from the tentacles of ever-more-jammed streets and freeways—jammed with cars, of course—they almost invariably opt for doing nothing that could reduce space for driving and […]


Post-It Note Planning on Pasadena Avenue “Safety” Scheme

There we all were last night: in the Boys and Girls Club gymnasium at 2630 Pasadena Avenue in Lincoln Heights. The late summer sun driving through the windows, washing out the nearly invisible slideshow being projected on a white brick wall. The speaker from the Bureau of Streets Services droning on in bureaucratic language, her […]


Nobody Can Hear You Scream in Space Ride on Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 7 p.m. we are bringing the sound bike party back to #bikeLA with the Nobody Can Hear You Scream in Space Ride (NCHYSIS Ride or #NCHYSIS). Bike with us to some cool places to dance like animals on a unique bicycle-audio-electromagnetic experience. We will go some places where you never […]

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Lesson to Be Learned

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote on this blog about the “first mile/last mile” role that the bicycle can play in making transit use more effective and more attractive. In short, this simply means that the average Joe and Jane are willing to pedal much farther to a bus stop or train station than […]


Flying Pigeon LA inventory on June 10, 2015

This inventory video, shot on June 10, 2015, features a shop helper making strange noises and one of our regular customers knocking on the door in need of some assistance. I thought I’d chosen the perfect time to film! Anyway: XDS Nadine city bikes, Linus Mixte in Medium, Gazelle Toer Populair 51cm, Beater Bike Roadster, […]

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LA’s Very Own Death Panel

As I approached the cluster of flashing fire trucks, a vivid red LAFD ambulance pulled away, sirens howling. That was a bad sign, as was the presence of a police car, as were the people hugging each other by the battered cars. There was a Mercedes sports sedan, with the passenger door crushed open and […]


Getting There

Colorado Boulevard woke to a beautiful dream last Sunday, as CicLAvia liberated Pasadena’s main drag from its usual clutter of heavy metal, and made room for hordes of people strolling, rolling, and smiling in a three-mile long celebration of simple joie de vivre. I was there only briefly, as I had a book signing to […]

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