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Parking, Hidden in Plain Sight

LA vs Portland downtown parking strategies–which makes better use of valuable land? Just as the compulsive naysayers rail against lane repurposings of streets, such as North Figueroa, that never see anywhere near the number of cars they were designed for, they also harp endlessly on the supposed “loss” of “vital parking spaces” in neighborhoods that […]


Trash cans in LA’s bike lanes: what a drag

I injured my hand riding my kid to school last week – I inadvertently smashed my left hand into a trash can parked in a bike lane. The can was too far out in the bike lane to pass between it and the cars driving by. I tried my luck threading a dangerous needle: a […]


Figueroa For All petition drive on Saturday, May 3, 2014 #fig4all

You want to make a difference in your community? You think you are a good person who helps make the world a better place? Put down that solar panel, drop those recyclables, take a break from buying local, and come join us petitioning our community for support for bike lanes! We will be walking North […]


Strange Changes

The extension of the York Boulevard bike lanes almost to South Pasadena has illustrated some peculiar transmutations in the Los Angeles County planning world…. We knew from our first ride that there was a gap between the end of the LA lanes and the beginning of South Pasadena’s. Or vice-versa, of course, if you were […]


Bike The Vote! NELA NC Election Guide and Bike Ride for Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bike lanes on North Figueroa Street – will they ever happen? Not without the backing of neighborhood councils and a broad coalition of local people behind the idea. We’re doing our part here at the Flying Pigeon, working with the LA County Bike Coalition’s Ride Figueroa and the local community group Figueroa For All, to […]

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A #fig4all or car-only crater in 2050? Bike Oven & James Rojas dream big on Saturday, April 26, 2014

What is North Figueroa Street to you now? What should it be in 2050? What are the connections to our past and our system of government we want to emphasize with the street and buildings around us? Noted Latino Urbanist James Rojas will be facilitating a visioning workshop at the Bike Oven at 4 p.m. […]

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South Pasadena commissioners worth suing: Steven Ray Garcia, Alexander Main, Mathew M. Pendo

The Westbound bike lane “liability issue” the City of South Pasadena needs to be sued to fix. Imagine you are building a house. You take your plans to the plan check office in city hall and something bizarre happens: the officer at the desk is adamant that none of your doorways will be taller than […]


Now You’re Talking!

This week I am privileged to heap unmixed praise on LADOT for what they did in the southeast corner of Highland Park. For yesterday, on my way to South Pasadena (as usual for a Tuesday), I pedaled along the nearly-finished extension of the York Boulevard bike lanes. And part of them will be buffered lanes, […]


York Boulevard Bike Lane: 528 feet of a failure to communicate

This one stretch of road, 528 feet long, merges 35+ mph cars with bike riders heading to the newly striped York Blvd. bike lanes. 528 feet, .1 miles, 160.9 meters. Anyway you write it, the distance between the newly striped York Boulevard bike lanes in Los Angeles and the bike lanes on Pasadena Avenue in […]


Spoke(n) Art Ride on Saturday, April 12, 2014

Join us this month on another Spoke(n) Art bike ride on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 6 p.m. at the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop. The Spoke(n) Art Ride is a slow-paced, monthly, tour of galleries open for NELAart’s Second Saturday – a special night when area galleries and studios open their doors to the […]

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