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The Westside Whirlpool

San Vicente is one of LA’s oddest streets: a diagonal avenue that starts near downtown at Venice Boulevard, slants across Midtown, the eastern edge of Beverly hills, and through West Hollywood to Santa Monica Boulevard, where it more or less stops…. …Only to start up again on the far West Side, just past UCLA and […]


Where is the Vast Liberal Conspiracy When You Really Need It?

Last Sunday, I dropped by KCRW’s presentation, the one pumped as Reinventing the Wheel:the Future of Mobility in LA, which I must admit I approached with an undisguised misgiving in my heart. My fear was that it would be yet another view of the future through the windshield perspective. This feeling was but magnified when […]


Bait and Switch

I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise when a politician proves duplicitous—and it’s not. But it is unavoidably disappointing. I’m referring, of course, to Council District 1’s new overseer, Gil Cedillo, who has been busily doing everything he can, or so it seems, to stand in the way of North Figueroa’s evolution to a community […]


Fun on the cheap: bicycle inner tube jump rope

To make a bicycle inner tube jump rope you need: a 26″, 700c, 27″, 28, or 29″ inner tube; a pair of scissors; and, a willing jumper.   Instructions: Cut the valve out of the inner tube with the scissors. Jump! Jump! Jump!   The big guy in the video is local artist/frame builder Steve […]

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Your Life, Health, and Prosperity Are at Stake

Whether you ride a bike today or not, whether you ever plan to ride a bike in a safer, saner world or not, the planned bike lanes along North Figueroa will bring you—yes, you personally—endless benefits. Yet Gil Ceillo is determined to prevent the road diet and bike lanes that the community approved after so […]


Gil Cedillo’s big Figueroa bike lane meeting May 8, 2014 6 p.m. at Nightingale Middle School #fig4all

JacksonH_CypressParkBikeLanes_D3Lab from NLI connect on Vimeo. Councilman Gil Cedillo is holding the first of two “community input” meetings on the North Figueroa Street bike lane plans the LADOT drew up 2 years ago. The meeting is taking place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at Nightingale Middle School (3311 N. Figueroa St., Los […]

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We biked, voted, and pro-#fig4all candidates won

Volunteers from Figueroa For All and the LACBC’s RideFigueroa campaign helped “bike the vote” during recent neighborhood council elections – and we elected 85% of the candidates we identified as pro-bike lane! Victory! Will it be enough to convince Gil Cedillo to let the LADOT install bike lanes on North Figueroa? That remains to be […]

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