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The Way of the Armadillo

Well, I’m going to try to get through an entire column without writing NELA’s dreaded C-word…you know, the one that rhymes with “armadillo.” For those of you not from Texas, let me explain what an armadillo is: it’s a thick-skinned, dull-witted beast whose only recourse when confronted by uncertainty is to roll up into an […]


You Want Safety? You Got It…in Santa Monica

Yes, while CD1’s Gil Cedillo utters his blandly-crafted platitudes about”safety” while undermining an FHWA-approved safety project on North Fig, Santa Monica gets down to the nitty-gritty of making life better—and longer—for all its residents and visitors. That city’s Main Street was put on a road diet long ago, with bike lanes providing high-protein nutrition in […]

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Thanks for Nothing. . . .

Well, he killed it, after all. “He” being Council District 1 boss Gil Cedillo, and “it” being the plan to put Figueroa on a road diet and add bike lanes to it. His “rationale”—and I use quotes here because it has no relation to rationality—is that he is not sure the road diet would ensure […]


Bike Rack Hack Back on Track

I am notorious for calling in bike rack requests using the LADOT’s online form. Although the DOT claims not to keep track of who requested what and whether it was installed, they have told me I’ve gotten about two hundred racks put in on sidewalks all over town. About twenty of these have been, naturally, […]

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Slowly We Find Our Way

Yesterday, I attended the city’s quarterly Bicycle Plan Implementation Team meeting, and among the many questions with which I annoyed the good folks from LADOT and City Planning (during what must have been a long two hours for them) was one about wayfinding. This, as regular readers will know, is a subject dear to my […]

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