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Taking the lane, by any means necessary

Los Angeles has its cyclist anti-harrassment ordinance, a regular LAPD-cyclist meeting, and a Department of Transportation shaking off its auto-centric mindset by laying lots of bike lanes – but let’s not fool ourselves, riding in LA hasn’t gotten than much safer. For the most part, it is up to us and our Vehicular Survival Cycling […]


The West Is Green

Looks like they’re at it again in Santa Monica…. Though I admire the city and try to report on all the tasty bike goodies they’re spreading around, the cynicism imbued in me by decades of life in LA still colors my view of things—such as the ongoing construction project on Ocean Park reaching east from […]

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Special deluxe Flying Pigeon PA-02 3-speed

I made the video above after working for about two months (off and on) on this custom Flying Pigeon PA-02 3-speed. It was a special bike for a customer willing to wait for it to be completed.

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New Los Angeles Cycling Caps at Flying Pigeon LA

Our friend Gustavo, designer of the East Side Bike Club logo, recently had some cycling caps made and we picked a few up for sale in our shop. The caps are 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The caps are grey with black silk screened designs. There are two sizes: Small/Medium and Large/XL. I have found […]

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Secrets Round the Corner

I can thank Pigeon Master Josef for introducing me to this quirky little shortcut that I often use now when I’m in the Pigeon’s ‘hood. He led a straggling line of us across it one night on a ride that wandered into the bed of the LA River near the 110 overpass—arriving there just after […]


Flying Pigeon LA inventory on June 20, 2012

Shop inventory for today: two Christiania boxcycles in boxes (they just arrived); Brompton M3 in pink with matching O bag; another look at our Flying Pigeon deluxe bikes and other bikes, and stuff.

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Respect and the River

I’m still pondering the differences in civic attitude towards cycling—and in fact towards urbanity itself—I noted after our visit to Denver. A very nice city, in its central core, at least, but still a second-tier city. Yet you see that it respects cycling—and not just cycling but the very environment that it sits on, especially […]


Amxdam Omafiets – a real dutch bike at half the price

Hey, check this bike out: it’s the omafiets from Amxdam bikes in Amsterdam. Omafiets is Dutch for “granny bike”. When we started selling single speed dutch bikes back in 2009, they sold for $800 to $900. There was hardly a day that went by when we didn’t get an email, phone call, or online comment […]

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Pashley Princess Sovereign anyone?

Is anybody out there looking for a Pashley Princess Sovereign in 17.5″ in black? We special ordered one for a customer, but the deal fell through. The bike will arrive on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 and is being sold for $1,295. The 17.5″ frame size is ideal for someone with an inside leg (inseam) measurement […]

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Flying Pigeon LA inventory on June 6, 2012

This walk through of our new shop includes some Bobbin Birdie bikes, Beater bikes, and our awesome Amxdam omafiets. There is one Pilen Lyx with an 8-speed hub and and front and rear Shimano roller brakes.

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