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Sixth Street Shuffle

Sixth Street, in Mid-City Los Angeles, is, plain and simple, a dangerous street. From Fairfax to Rossmore, it’s four lanes with no center turn lane and few left turn pockets. Motorists use it as an alternative to Wilshire, and, as most of them are typical scofflaws, they speed, swerve, and blow lights with abandon. Several […]


Petition Tennis, Anyone?

As you know from last week’s post, a handful of disaffected residents of NELA set up a semi-secret online petition asking Jos&ecaute; Huizar to rip out the bike lanes on York Boulevard, listing a number of alleged effects they have had on the community—none of which they actually brought about. In case you missed that […]

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The Next Eighty Years

As everyone in NELA who has been awake from the last few years knows, there is a reactionary cabal that has been struggling to keep HIghland Park a sort of preserve for leadfoot drivers—the sort who have been killing and maiming residents on Figueroa Street for years, andwho lately have been accelerating the pace of […]


Riders on the Storm

…Or under the storm, as the case may be. El Niño has arrived, and be glad of it: wet streets are a small price to pay for the grace of rain. I like the saying I saw on a farming site, something to the effect that, “Despite all our progress, our lives depend on six […]

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