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Let It Now Be Resolved

New Year’s Day is nearly here: the time when Americans make all sorts of resolutions they know they won’t keep. And since the City of Los Angeles as an administrative entity has not, so far, been very good at keeping to it’s own resolutions—note the modest progress on implementing Complete Streets and Vision Zero, and […]

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Is This Really an Issue?

Prominent in the LA Times “Burbank Leader” edition this morning was an article describing an apparently hard-fought compromise allowing cyclists to continue using a seventy-year-old bridge to cross the LA River between Burbank and Griffith Park. The issue? Horseriders preferred to ban cyclists altogether, claiming they “scared the horses.” And cyclists wanted to be able […]


Enough Said. Enough Dead.

William Matelyan, pedestrian, 84: North Figueroa Street and Avenue 26, 22 July 2014. José Luna, cyclist, 33: North Figueroa Street and Pasadena Avenue, 26 June 2015. Irma Yolanda Espinoza-Lugo, pedestrian, 51: North Figueroa Street and Avenue 55, 22 September 2015. Andres Perez, pedestrian, 17: North Figueroa Street and Avenue 60, 15 December 2015. Four names, […]


Good News, Bad News

Good news for anyone who believes in the future of cities and humanity; bad news for the Neanderthals on the city council who grunt nostalgically for the bad old days of traffic jams, road rage, sprawl, and blood on the streets. (And anyone who believes that road rage is a new phenomenon need only watch […]

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Flying Pigeon LA inventory on December 5, 2015

Wandering around the shop filming what is in stock on Saturday, December 5, 2015. Some interesting highlights: Ursus Jumbo 80 Double Arm kickstands; Green Guru upcycled bags, panniers, and backpacks; Brompton bikes; XDS bikes; Yuba Boda Boda; Babboe Curve; and some other stuff. And that Flying Pigeon on the floor in parts beside the handlebars? […]

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Additive Neglect, Part Deux

I’ve written before about the City of LA’s fire-and-forget policy towards bike infrastructure, and how it throws down a stripe or two and then leaves them to fade away under the scrubbing of thousands of car tires—or ignores tree branches hanging so low over bikeways that riders are forced out into fast traffic. It may […]

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