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Ride Your Bicycle to Ride Your Bicycle

It will come as no surprise to the readers of the blogs I infest, including this one, that I complain a great deal about The State of Things. The city’s roads, the city council, the LADOT, the incivility of discourse, the agreement among the Windshield Set willfully to ignore the pervasive evidence of Driver Privilege […]

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The Good, the Bad, and the Clueless

As Joe Linton reports in Streetsblog LA, downtown’s Los Angeles Street will soon see a protected cycletrack replace the plain-paint bike lanes that connect Union Station and First St. This is an undeniable Good Thing. I gladly celebrate any upgrade in bicycle facilities in any parts of the city that see, or that could see […]


Flying Pigeon LA inventory on April 16, 2016

This is a long walk through the shop to show off some of the stuff in stock. From shiny vintage Euro-style LED headlights, to the Fairdale skateboard rack attachment, Green Guru cycling bags, Brompton folding bicycles, XDS affordable city bikes, Nutcase helmets, Basil basket, the SOMA Bart kids touring frame, Globber scooters, to an announcement […]

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Beyond the Bridge

Living in Los Angeles allows one the opportunity to enjoy the full gamut of those peculiar sensations commonly expressed in the abbreviation, “WTF!” (Exclamation point mandated.) From bemusement to indignation to outright incredulity, our great city’s policies and practices seem calculated to inspire consternation. Especially if you should ever set foot, or wheel, on the […]

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There Goes The Neighborhood – Elysian Park Wiped Out by Cedillo

This bike shop loves Dodger baseball. Part and parcel of the Dodgers is the voice and personality of announcer Vin Scully. Like Chick Hearn for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, Vin Scully has been a voice that millions of locals associate with memories of years gone by, family, friends, and life in this great […]


#BikeLA’s Pod Squad Showdown

Let me direct you to Nick Richert’s “”Bike Talk over on KPFK, since there’s Pigeon-related business winding up the latest hour to post: Josef Bray-ali interviews little ol’ me about the book of essays I emitted in 2014, Our Own Day Here, which deals frequently though not exclusively with urban velocipedal mobility, particularly in Los […]

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