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O Me of Little Faith

So glad to be proved wrong in my scorn of the private bike corral that appeared a while ago at new La Boulange near my home! When they first opened the building, I noted that there was extensive bicycle parking in the broad walkway between the new building and the rest of the block…but that […]


Cedillo’s #fig4all body count rises

A car driver crashed into a pedestrian and a person riding a bike at the intersection of Avenue 43 and North Figueroa Street on March 18, 2015. A proposed road diet and bike lanes on this street were halted by Councilman Gil Cedillo – a plan that would have reduced crashes like this by at […]


Flying Pigeon LA inventory on March 18, 2015

This inventory video, filmed on March 18, 2015, is more of me wandering around the shop pointing the camera at some of the cool bikes we sell. I am joined today by a lovely assistant. She printed 100 copies of a hamburger coloring sheet in the middle of me filming. You can hear her freak […]

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Why Have We Done This to Ourselves?

Yesterday I had occasion to pedal from South Pasadena to Boyle Heights, so I chose a route I rarely indulge in—partly for variety’s sake, partly because it was the least roundabout way to get from A to B. I dropped south from Mission and Meridian, where I had been lounging about at Buster’s Coffee with […]


NELA to CicLAvia Feeder Ride on Sunday, March 22, 2015

Monumental news! CicLAvia is happening again … in the San Fernando Valley! The Flying Pigeon bike shop is hosting a feeder ride to CicLAvia on Sunday, March 22, 2015. Ride departs at 9 a.m. Meet at our shop (located at 3404 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065) and join a large group of neighbors […]

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From Barbarism to Civilization

The members of this primitive tribe devote most of their energy to establishing intra-tribal status rank. Indeed, this appears to be a cultural obsession. To this end, they engage in extreme body and face painting; they send male members out in search of transparent rocks that they mount in the women’s body piercings; and they […]

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Avenue 52 Shell Station Robo-Car Wash & Councilman Gil Cedillo vs. The People of Highland Park

The owners of the Shell gas station at 5137 N. Figueroa Street, on the corner of Avenue 52, want to build an automatic car wash. An automatic car wash already exists at a 76 station across Avenue 52. A union hand wash exists directly across the street on North Figueroa Street. Over 1,000 local residents […]

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NELA Safe after Election; Midtown Still Threatened

Rejoice, NE Los Angeles, Council District 14 is safe for a few more years: José “Safe Streets” Huizar crushed Gloria “Faster Traffic and More Parking Lots” Molina in yesterday’s election. And, though it was officially a primary, since Huizar won over 50% of the vote, there will be no run-off in May. The man who […]

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