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For Sale: custom Schwinn Racer 2-Speed w. drum drake

SOLD! THIS BIKE IS SOLD. WE DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER ONE. Anyone want to buy a really neat bike I built this last fall? I purchased an old Schwinn Racer from a girl in Pasadena back in 2010 which turned into the bike you see above (and below).

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NELA bike lane controversy comes to NCs this week

One of several anti-bike signs seen at Jose Huizar’s community meeting on Wednesday, March 27, 2013. Two more critical bike lane meetings coming up this next week: Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Tuesday, April 2, 2013 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eagle Rock City Hall, 2035 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041 Facebook Event for ERNC […]


Help Plan Our Bike Network

That’s right, Los Angeles wants you to join in the planning process! Come to the Bicycle Plan Implementation Team meeting—all are welcome! Help to plan LA’s growing bike network in these quarterly meetings with LADOT, City Planning, and a broad range of stakeholders. Also known as BPIT, the team actively engages in setting priorities, choosing […]

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Meeting Tonight: Figueroa and Colorado Bike Lanes

Just a reminder about an important meeting tonight regarding the Figueroa and Colorado bike lane projects in NE Los Angeles. This meeting is sponsored by the area’s council member, and the NIMBY’s will be out in force with unfounded assertions about the negative effects they anticipate. We need to be there to point out that […]

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An Opportunity for a Real Network Now

Well, here’s a pleasant surprise, even if it is conditional…a road diet, with bike lanes, on Rowena, just across the river from Flying Pigeon: This one was actually driven by the high motorist crash rate on the road, as well as the relatively high number of cyclists using it. It will someday connect to an […]


Money: the Other “Green” in Cycling

Money: the other “green” in cycling. Learn to love it! I know, whenever the subjects of bike lanes and road diets come up, merchants immediately jump to the conclusion that increasing cyclists’ access to the streets, slowing down traffic, and perhaps even removing the tax-subsidized curbside parking these people fetishize, will somehow destroy their businesses. […]


LA’s Main Drag

I live by Wilshire Boulevard, in the “Miracle Mile,” which was designed as the country’s first automobile-oriented commercial strip—but which has improved considerably since then, now boasting a WalkScore in the 90s. While the sidewalks are wide, and new buildings are required to have their front doors on the street, not the parking lot in […]

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Flying Pigeon LA inventory on March 9, 2013

In this video I walk around and point the camera at some of the stuff we have in the shop this week. We’ve got a bunch of Bobbin Birdie bikes on the floor next to Beater Bikes in 1- and 3-speed versions. Helmets by Nutcase, Bern, Sahn, and C-Preme (for kids). We also have a […]

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Petition for Safe Passing Law

I have just posted a petition (on asking California’s Governor Jerry Brow to support the next safe passing law sent to his desk—he has vetoed the last two. California residents, please sign this petition! You’ll find it at Three Feet Please! Background: Dear Gov. Brown: With the failing struggle to maintain sprawl draining […]

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Habitat for Humanity

I often pedal through parts of Atwater on my way to and from the Pigeon. In fact, I’ve been riding through Atwater at least occasionally for decades before the Pigeon was founded. Its main drag, Glendale, used to be a dreary strip of sullen, low-slung shops squinting against the glare of the wide gray lanes; […]

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