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Caltrans Rideshare Fair 2008

Flying Pigeon LA went out to the Caltrans District 7 Headquarters in downtown L.A. on Thursday, October 2, 2008 for their annual Rideshare Fair. We got a lot of smiles and thoughtful questions about riding a bike for transportation, and boy were those MTA girls cute!

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Get Sum Dim Sum Ride #10 – Hot and Spicy!

Join us this coming Sunday, October 12th as we continue our adventures in dining with a trip to Szechwan Best in Alhambra. We planned a great path including a quick Metro trip to the South Pasadena Mission station, a leisurely ride through the tree lined streets of South Pas into Alhambra passing by large mansions […]

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$3 on the Barrel-head for a Bike License

A few of our Midnight Ridazz friends picked up tickets recently for not having a “bike license”. After learning about this poorly-run, state-mandated, program, Flying Pigeon LA rode one of our bikes down to the only station in Los Angeles that issues these “bike licenses”.

We wrote up a little story about the trip, “Ridazz Get Registered“, and it got published on Streetsblog LA on Monday, September 29, 2008!

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Flying Pigeon Auctioned for Chinatown Nonprofit

Flying Pigeon LA donated a bicycle to the Chinatown Service Center’s 37th Annual Fundraising Banquet and Silent Auction which took place last Friday.

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