Eagle Rock Talks With Flying Pigeon LA

Flying Pigeon LA co-owner Josef Bray-Ali sat down with April from Eagle Rock Talk in September of 2008. They put most of Josef’s comments into Episode 21 of the Eagle Rock Talk Podcast.

This quote from Josef explains a big reason why he decided to sell Flying Pigeons:

“Cycling […] is a reasonable, civilized, intelligent way to move human beings: from jobs to home, from home to meet their friends somewhere. It should be something that should be considered a normal everyday thing – and that’s one reason we thought these [Flying Pigeon] bikes would take off.”

-Josef Bray-Ali, Eagle Rock Talk Episode 21

Eagle Rock Talk’s regular podcast keep locals up to date on all sorts of local goings on. They host a lively forum on their web-site and keep all of us in North East L.A. informed about businesses coming to town (or leaving) and interesting neighbors and institutions in the area.

If you haven’t checked out their podcast yet, give it a listen!

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