de LaB Design-n-Dim-Sum Ride – June 20, 2009

Join us as we kick off a great group ride with our favorite type of people (under-employed architects and designers) as we ride to Chinatown on Saturday, June 20th for Dim Sum, an architecture tour and (with a little luck) some delicious and cold Tsing Tao Beer. 

We at Flying Pigeon have made the long and spectacular bike ride from Highland Park to Chinatown enough to know our favorite sights along the way.  The vast Sanitation bureau yard on San Fernando, Dopeys Smoke shop (with the “Open?” sign), Young Nak’s multi block church and the ever changing view of the Cornfields park along Broadway.  One thing we’ve never had is a truly professional group along to show us some more gems along the route and inside Chinatown itself. 
Details are still being worked out by the fine folks at Design East of La Brea and as the specifics change we’ll post a link to them but if you’ve been craving some Dim Sum, want to sip cold beer while nodding at people explaining their design theories and check out some pimp ass houses designed by (get this) one of our childhood friends, this is the ride for you!

This ride will vary a bit from our standard rides as we will not have a supply of loaners bikes and we are not leading the ride.  Check out the DeLAB website for all the details!

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  1. gino
    Posted June 6, 2009 at 6:51 am | Permalink

    My two faves! Dim sum and design. Sounds like a great afternoon. Perfect for date day with my GF. She loves this stuff! Thanks FP for making Sunday plans easy!

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