Persian News Network features Flying Pigeon LA

This report, created by Monaliza Noormohammadi, aired December 6, 2009 on VOA PNN’s “Late Edition”. It is a report about the bicycling in Los Angeles, and the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop. The entire report is in Farsi – but you can catch some funny quotes before the voice-over begins.

Our favorite quote, by far, is Ken Bray-Ali at the 2:46 mark in the video, “I like waterfalls and bike rides.”

The report features interviews with: Josef Bray-Ali, co-owner of the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop; Carlos Morales, of the Eastside Bike Club and The Voice newspaper; and Ken Bray-Ali, aikido student, waterfall lover, and bicycle enthusiast.

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  1. Huy Tran
    Posted December 11, 2009 at 6:25 am | Permalink

    Great Video.
    Glad to see the Persian News is taking the word that the mainstream won’t.
    They will follow soon enough.
    Great interview Ken!

    Where is the next Dim Sum Outing? I am hungry.

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