Yuba Mundo, Nihola, and Good Girl Dinette on Cargo Bike Date Night

A couple riding on a Yuba Mundo during Flying Pigeon LA's Cargo Bike Date Night in May 2010..

These two are too cute not to be the new spokesmodels for Cargo Bike Date Night!

A quick run to Trader Joe’s early in the evening got us stocked up on wine, cheese and crackers for our first Cargo Bike Date Night, which took place on Tuesday, May 11, 2010.

Steve from Yuba Bikes unloaded a batch of awesome rear-loading Yuba Mundo cargo bikes. He was driving around Southern California spreading the good word about these highly adaptable rear-loading cargo bikes.

Steve left a Yuba Mundo 21-speed bike at the Flying Pigeon LA shop – come on down and take it for a ride! These bikes make great grocery getters, date and kid haulers, and general utility bikes.

After a bit of talk and some wine I made a quick call prior to departing the shop to Diep, owner of Good Girl Dinette to get our table secured.

Then, we were off!

The ride was a pleasant one: short, slow-paced, and right by some nice North East Los Angeles sights (like the Southwest Museum on Marmion Way). Though North East LA is no stranger to bike rides like ours, with a recent boom in interest documented on LA Eastside, it must have been an interesting sight. We had five Yuba Mundo bicycles, one Nihola Family Cigar, a lone Belgian-made city bike, as well as two old bikes from the 1970’s.

Good Girl Dinette had a feast prepared for us, and for a measly $20 we were treated to a seven (or eight?) course vegetarian meal. It was delicious, all vegetarian, and (for what we paid) an awesome deal! I’ve eaten at the Good Girl Dinette a lot over the past year (usually to celebrate the end of the weekend rush of sales and service), and the kitchen did an excellent job, as always. The staff were always right on time with the next dish and our drinks. Everyone looked well sated at the end of the meal.

The ride back to the shop was all downhill, which normally can be quite chilly, but the wine, food, and good conversation kept us feeling warm enough until we reached the shop and said our goodbyes.

We’re working on a June date night (yes, your bike can be your date for the night). If you have any suggestions, please send them our way at info@flyingpigeon-la.com

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  1. Darren
    Posted May 28, 2010 at 10:37 am | Permalink

    Date Night is destined to become a NELA biking institution. The first one was a blast! Looking forward to the next. Thanks for organizing.

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