Flying Pigeon LA inventory on January 13, 2011

This is another long-ish walk through of our shop’s inventory on January 13, 2011. I spend a bit of time talking about the Gazelle Bloom 26″ with Yepp baby seats (because I love this bike!) and showing off our newest batch of Pashley bicycles.

The Gazelle Bloom 26″ in particular has got me weighing the merits of selling some of my own bikes in exchange for this compact, sturdy, baby hauling machine. My wife, of course, has a good Dutch bike (the Batavus Lento) with a rear baby seat on it already (Bobike Maxi+), but she uses it to go to work!

I have a big Workcycles Bakfiets – which is great until I want to go on a train ride with the kid and our stuff. No chance of that thing fitting on the LA Metro! So, the Bloom 26″ is on my short list of personal acquisitions. The Bloom has no trouble on the trains and buses of LA. I’ve even delivered one using the Gold Line.

If you find yourself longing to run more errands on a bike, and don’t want to fuss with all the b.s. and “accessories” that you have to acquire to make a standard North American bike into a utility bike, the Bloom is an excellent value.

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