Thursday Night: Christianias for Long Beach, tacos de papas, Living Legends

Christiania bikes from boxcycles at Flying Pigeon LA
Don’t know what the rest of you in internet land were up to on Thursday night, but Jon and I were hustling to build a couple of Christiania bikes which just arrived from Denmark via boxcycles for the City of Long Beach.

How do we do it after working a full day of bike building, bike repair, customer questions, and other stuff? First, these bikes are really, really, cool and we’re happy to work on something that is going to reflect the culture change in Long Beach’s city hall (jealous as we are of them).

Christiania bikes from boxcycles at Flying Pigeon LA

Second, El Atacor #1 is right down the street with their improved take on the famous Tacos de Papas at a nearby El Atacor (potato tacos). Four of these and some horchata and we were ready for the longer hours.

Tuning the disc brakes on a new Christiania doesn’t get easier as the night wears on, so the food from Atacor made the difference between, “Ah, whatever.” and “This HAS TO BE PERFECT!”.

Christiania bikes from boxcycles at Flying Pigeon LA

Finally, Living Legends music kept us going until finally finishing at around 1:30am.

What a Thursday night!

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