Spoke(n) Art Ride’s 5 Year Anniversary | 9 April 2011

This was my favorite Spoke(n) Art Ride I’ve ever been on. It was the 5 year Anniversary and I think Josef was feeling nostalgic because he brought back an old tradition of beating and burning a piñata on the bike path by the river.

Swinging at a Snow White Piñata
Josef Hitting a Burning Piñata (Golden Crop)
Riding Up the River

A customer’s flying pigeon broke down on the ride. Josef fixed it up in a jiffy, what a saint!

Josef Fixing a Bike on the Ride

The Sniffin’ Glue Art Show at New Puppy was the ride’s last stop. It features art by ABCNT, Cryptik, Nomadé, and Eddie Colla. The official opening for the show is on April 16.

Art by Nomadé
Sniffin' Glue Art Car

Click the photos for more photos. There are 28 in the set.

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