Flying Pigeon LA inventory on December 16, 2011

In this video I wander around the shop talking about a Flying Pigeon PA-02 Leticia’s building up for sale. You also get a glimpse of our depleted 50% bins at the front of the shop. Our winter time inventory count has made the place a little messy, but it has brought out a bunch of small parts we have for Bobike and Yepp baby seats.

Oh yeah, we are selling Chinese made kiddie bikes for $60. These come from Micargi, an El Monte-based bike manufacturer that does production from their own factory in China and cuts out the middleman, selling bikes at bike shops at cut-throat prices. Their adult bikes … leave something to be desired, but their kiddie bikes (the “Dragon”) is what my kid uses, and are a fine bike for a kid. The stickers are easy to remove too – customize it for 99 cents with some stickers!

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