Occupy All Streets by J.H. Crawford

Occupy All Streets: The Role of Carfree Cities in a More Sustainable World from J.H. Crawford on Vimeo.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has, since its beginning, been concerned with being co-opted. The power of this growing movement has drawn those who often have questioned the structure of American life and government for decades prior, and see this moment as the perfect time to see if their ideas will gain traction with the masses huddled in their General Assemblies and protests.

J.H. Crawford has been an anti-car advocate for over a decade. His site, Carfree Cities, was a jumping off point for me several years ago while I began taking a more critical look at the life I’d lived growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

The video above shows some great examples of car-free streets, and makes the case that “the 99%” should add a car-free plank to whatever political agenda they may develop in the future. I think it is a pretty convincing argument, but I already live a pretty car-free life! What do you think?

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