Happy Day Is Here Again!

CicLAvia riders on 4th St. bridgeThat’s right, CicLAvia will be back this Sunday, October 7th, so get ready to see LA as you’ve never seen it before–free of cars,congestion, and traffic frenzies, and full of smiling faces, joyous voices, and room for all.

As you’ve never seen our city before, even if you’ve ridden CicLAvia beofre, because it’s coming at ya with a twist, this time—literally: the layout has been rotated 90°, with the longer legs running north and south. This gives better access to the love to folks from South Park and South LA, as well as Westsiders who can take the new Expo Line to the Exposition Park hub by USC.

If you’ve never been south of Olympic much before, or have just ground through the area in a car, you’re in for a treat: world-class museums, celebrated gardens, classic old Los Angeles architecture, the stately brick buildings of USC, and the Coliseum are just some of the visual delights you’ll encounter on the southern leg of the route.

Meanwhile, the northern leg now anchors at Chinatown, bustling Chinatown with an endless selection of food stops and a couple of plazas to rest in—not to mention a Gold Line station to bring in folks from NELA, Pasadena, and beyond! (And from the Pigeon if you don’t want to ride to the Chinatown hub after renting a cruiser here!)

The east-west leg now runs from MacArthur Park to the Soto Street Gold Line stop, and takes you past Mariachi Plaza before heading over everybody’s favorites stop, the Fourth Street bridge, with its views of the downtown skyline, the hills, the East LA bluffs, the river and railroad tracks, and a dozen little hidden-in-plan-sight neighborhoods that drivers never notice.

So get your sunblock and a smile ready, come by and pick up a bike if you don’t have one, and get ready for another great day in LA, thanks to CicLAvia!

For more info about CicLAvia, see CicLAvia.org

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