Bakfiets Bunny Hop at Flying Pigeon LA

Rainy Thursday morning in LA? Sounds like a good time to show off your bakfiets bunny hop skills (recent life skill unlocked but never documented). The guy doing the bakfiets bunny hopping is Josef from Flying Pigeon LA bike shop. They sell cargo bikes like the Christiania cargo trike from Denmark and the Babboe bakfiets from Holland.

The song in this video is “Hey Ma” by Homesick Elephant from their album “The Pilgrim & The Pen”.

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  1. […] Finally, most of us want to be seen when we ride; now there’s a bike for those who don’t, as well as a beer carrying bike designed for DUI drivers. This is what happens when a cyclist runs a red light in Shanghai; odd that no one mentions that the car that hit him ran the light, too. And Flying Pigeon demonstrates how to bunny hop a bakfiets.  […]

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